Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the ZH team league work?
  2. What are the league rules (how to schedule games, and what is the game play policy)
  3. Who are the league moderators? Who do I contact when I have a problem?
  4. How can I become eligible to participate?
  5. How do I get on a team or How do I create my own team?
  6. Why am I an alternate?
  7. Who is @crazybot? What are some useful @crazybot commands?
  8. I want to learn more about the other leagues and opportunities to play chess at Lichess4545
  9. What are some community initiatives at Lichess4545 and how can I contribute and / or take part?
  10. Useful Links

1. How does the ZH team league work?

Teams of players across the rating spectrum compete against other teams each week in a Swiss style tournament. Players are sorted into boards based on their ability and play against similarly rated opponents. The games are scheduled each round by the players so that you can play your games on a day and time that suits you the most. Alternate players are players who are willing to possibly substitute in if regular players drop out of the league or need to skip a particular week or two.

Pairings will be released at the beginning of each round. Each round runs from Wednesday each week to the same time on Wednesday the following week.

All league communications occur on Slack and under the umbrella in particular of the Lichess4545 Slack. Please note that the Slack ToS require all users to be 16+ years old and the Lichess4545 Rules require all users to have an impeccable record of fair play. If moderators become aware of any breach of either the ToS or the Rules, then they will be obliged to close your Slack account.

We hope the league will be a lot of fun, it is a great opportunity to play some longer time control games which together with the interaction and comaraderie among team-mates will also help everyone learn and get better at crazyhouse.

2. What are the rules? (Scheduling games and game play policy)

Rules Summary:

♔All games must be rated and played on lichess.org. The time control for each board will be decided in advance each season and must be adhered to.
    ♛Post your agreed match time in #crazyhouse-scheduling to confirm you scheduled time. This may be altered with agreement from your opponent.

♕After pairings are released, each player should attempt to contact their opponent as soon as possible via Slack and/or Lichess
    ♛Each player must make an initial offer to their opponent, consisting of a minimum of at least 3 distinct times on at least 2 separate days.
    ♜If you have not heard from your opponent after 24 hours, please inform your team captain and the mods.
    ♝Team captains will attempt to find an alternate for the week, and will keep you advised of the status of the match by updating crazybot on your availability
    ♞In some cases a draw may be declared if neither player can find an agreed upon time to play, and an alternate is not available - again involve your captain early

♖If a player does not show up at the scheduled match time, they will have a grace period of 20 minutes to appear, otherwise they will forfeit the game
    ♛If this situation occurs, follow the instructions sent by crazybot. If crazybot fails to make contact, contact a moderator with timestamped screenshots of your challenge
    ♜Any player who misses 2 games in the season may be permanently replaced

♗Claim Victory and Claim Draw Lichess features are not permitted. If your opponent disconnects you must wait for their clock to run out

♘ Take-Back requests are not required to be accepted. Take your time and ultilize the Confirm your Move feature if needed

♙ Cheating is not tolerated - if you are concerned that someone is cheating, alert your captain

Full Rules and Regulations

3. Who are the moderators?

Moderators: You can summon a mod by typing "@crazybot summon summon mods" in Slack. Do NOT contact them directly to tell them the problem you are facing. Summon them in #crazyhouse and wait for a mod to contact you.

  • Operative mods who handle all league issues: @Zher0, @kostasvl, @okei, @colwem, @FischyVishy

4. How do I become eligibile to participate?

If you are interested in joining the lichess zh league, then fill out a registration form. There are 3 things to be eligible to participate either as a regular or as an alternate:

  1. Join the Lichess4545 Slack (you'll be invited when you register - be sure to link your slack and Lichess accounts; please be patient as this may take a few days)
  2. Non-provisional zh rating
  3. Good standing with lichess & lichess4545 (no cheats and no trolls please)

5. How do I get on a team? How do I create my own team?

The teams are created by the moderators at the start of each season, though there may be an opportunity to choose preferred teammates.

Each player on a team should be rated similarly to the other players on the same board on which they play. This changes slightly each season with the changing player pool.

6. Why am I an alternate?

Players who register earlier are given priority for placement on teams when they are formed at the beginning of each season. Those who register later will start as an alternate player and listed in the alternate queue by the order they register.

7. Who is @crazybot? What are some useful @crazybot commands?

crazybot is a clone by @colwem of the chesster bot to manage the lichess4545 leagues developed by @endrawes0, @lakinwecker, @ghostologist, and @cyanfish

Useful Commands (many of these commands can be sent directly to @crazybot in a direct message)

help - returns all commands that crazybot responds to

rating 'Player Name'  - returns the current (very recent) zh rating for the named player

mods zh - list current zh league mods

summon mods zh - pings all the mods - useful when you need to speak to a mod

subscription help - information on how to subscribe to league events crazybot will send you a message when events happen - see below

Chesster Subscriptions

The subscription system supports the following commands:
tell me when <event> in zh for <target-user-or-team>

Where `<event>` is one of: a-game-is-scheduled     a-game-starts     a-game-is-over

and `<target-user-or-team>` is the target user or team that you are subscribing to.

subscription list - to list your current subscriptions

subscription remove <id> - to remove a specific subscription

8. I want to learn more about the other leagues and opportunities to play chess at Lichess4545

You are in luck! There are several leagues currently running at Lichess4545. In addition to the zh team league, there is also the 4545team league, Lonewolf, Series, 960, blitz-battle and blindfold. All these leagues have the same eligibility requirement (primarily you need to be a member of the 4545 Slack group). For more information, contact @kostasvl .

9. What are some community initiatives at Lichess4545 and how can I contribute / take part?

There are several community initiatives at Lichess4545 and all are open to further support from new members.

The Lichess4545 Ledger - A periodic newsletter highlighting news from the league, stats from the past week's games, chess education (puzzle, coaching advice etc) and allowing content creators to share content with the larger community. Youtube videos of league games are often included as well as periodic interviews. Past interviewees include GM Wesley So, NM Christopher Yoo, the one and only Thibault (founder of lichess.org), chess youtubers like Tony Rotella and Nikolas Theiss (aka Atrophied) and more!

For more info and to contribute visit #lichessledger on Slack

ChessLeagueTV - ChessLeagueTV was created by our members to show off member videos and streams.  It's an easy way to help grow the league, but more importantly an entertaining way to collaborate around our member's games in real-time. Joining in the chat on Twitch gets your comments on stream, and members are also invited to voice-kibitz via Discord.

For more info visit #chessleaguetv on slack

End of Season Youtube Review - Since the beginning of the zh league, the moderators have organized a youtube review to be done on either puzzles or games from the past season. Lichess ZH League Videos

10. Useful Links

Current Registration Form

Full Rules and Regulations

Lichess ZH League Videos

Getting started with Slack

http://www.worldtimebuddy.com - An easy site to help with UTC timezone conversions